Energy of

"This exciting, eminently readable new book empowers readers to focus and fuel their intention to change and grow."
Belleruth Naparstek


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The Energy of Belief:
Psychology's Power Tools to
Focus Intention and Release Blocking Beliefs

by Phil Friedman, Integrative Help:

"The Energy of Belief is a powerful self-help book by Sheila Bender, Ph.D and Mary Sise, LCSW, describing the new field of "evolving thought field therapy" using the Touch and Breathe (TAB) method. This book comprehensively teaches the reader the theory and practice of "evolving thought field therapy," in an easy to understand manner with many clear cut examples, pictures, stories and exercises. This revolutionary book teaches tranformational energy methods using the basic TAB protocol for eliminating distressing emotions such as fear, depression, anger, guilt, trauma and anxiety as well as self-defeating, limiting beliefs and many addictions.  It also includes excellent chapters on self-assessment through muscle testing, discovering and eliminating blocking and negative core beliefs, reducing polarity reversals, encouraging mindfulness, clearly setting positive intentions and creating a positive future. 

"In many ways The Energy of Belief teaches an entire course on energy therapy in this one book. Most readers will find themselves referring to it many times and learning new ideas and material each time they do. In addition, the book, with its many inspiring stories and practical exercises, will empower the thoughtful reader with hope, confidence, optimism, knowledge, insight, peace and joy. It is certainly one of the major contributions to the field of energy therapy by two very talented clinicians and authors. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students of energy therapy will all greatly benefit from reading this exciting and uplifting contribution to both the field of psychotherapy and self-help. Most energy therapists already familiar with TFT, EFT, TAT and TAB will be surprised to discover that they can learn new ideas, techniques, skills and exercises from this book. It could easily transform the quality of many reader's lives.”

—Philip. H. Friedman, PhD
Integrative Help