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"This exciting, eminently readable new book empowers readers to focus and fuel their intention to change and grow."
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The Energy of Belief:
Psychology's Power Tools to
Focus Intention and Release Blocking Beliefs

by Daniel J. Benor
International Journal of Healing and Caring:

"This is an excellent book that delivers on the promise of its title, presenting clearly and convincingly the tools and methods that can identity and transform beliefs that block one's progress and satisfaction in life. Sheila Bender and Mary Sise have a very readable style that engages the reader's constant interest as it explains biological energy fields, blocking beliefs and how to deal with them. Helpful nuggets that stand out include:

Energy field perturbations (well known in the numerous therapy traditions as signs of problems), as well as elaters and harmonizers (positive aspects of energy fields);

Energy field reversals (again, well known in the Energy Psychology field) and energetic belief reversals that can block progress;

Self-testing for energetic belief blocks.

The scripts and diagrams for using the Touch and Breathe method, supplemented with richly illustrated case examples, provide a clear understanding of how to apply these methods. This book is warmly recommended to those who are seeking methods of self-healing.”

—Daniel J. Benor, MD
International Journal of Healing and Caring 8:3, September 2008