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"This exciting, eminently readable new book empowers readers to focus and fuel their intention to change and grow."
Belleruth Naparstek


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The Energy of Belief:
Psychology's Power Tools to
Focus Intention and Release Blocking Beliefs


"The Energy of Belief is a breakthrough book that can help you overcome the repetitive, destructive thinking that leads to physical breakdown and emotional suffering. Clear, practical, and easy to work with, this is a powerful book that can help you change your life.”

—Joan Borysenko, PhD
Author, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

"The Energy of Belief is for anyone struggling with self-defeating anxieties, beliefs, habits and behaviors, who is ready to try some exciting, effective, simple, user-friendly new self-help tools for change. Sise and Bender’s exciting, eminently readable new book is based on the latest discoveries of the meridian-based treatments of energy psychology, and in a very clear, practical and grounded way, empowers readers to focus and fuel their intention to change and grow.”

—Belleruth Naparstek, LCSW
Author, Invisible Heroes

"For the uninitiated, energy psychology is a breakthrough approach to psychotherapy that uses the body's energy system to help heal psychospiritual issues and relieve emotional distress. The efficacy of these interventions is seen in the rapid relief they deliver from such distresses as trauma and anxiety and an enhanced sense of well-being and personal empowerment. The Energy of Belief is written in an engaging, down-to-earth style...the book gives easy and clear direction for ameliorating a number of frequently encountered emotional distresses including anger, anxiety, fear, jealousy, depresion, grief, guilt, and shame. The book...celebrates the possibilities of the power within each person to use the body's energy system for healing. The Energy of Belief is eminently readable and hopeful. It covers the spectrum of energy psychology by explaining and demonstrating ways to treat systemic disorganization, limiting belief patterns, and specific issues. It encourages and empowers its readers. It will be an attractive and valuable addition to any therapist's bookshelf."

—Dorothea Hover-Kramer, EdD
Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, Summer, 2008

"This is an excellent book that delivers on the promise of its title, presenting clearly and convincingly the tools and methods that can identity and transform beliefs that block one's progress and satisfaction in life. The scripts and diagrams for using the Touch and Breathe method, supplemented with richly illustrated case examples, provide a clear understanding of how to apply these methods. This book is warmly recommended to those who are seeking methods of self-healing.” (Click here for full text of review)

—Daniel J. Benor, MD
International Journal of Healing and Caring 8:3, September 2008

"This book, with its many inspiring stories and practical exercises, will empower the thoughtful reader with hope, confidence, optimism, knowledge, insight, peace and joy. It is certainly one of the major contributions to the field of energy therapy by two very talented clinicians and authors. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students of energy therapy will all greatly benefit from reading this exciting and uplifting contribution to both the field of psychotherapy and self-help.” (Click here for full text of review)

—Philip. H. Friedman, PhD
Integrative Help

"Bender and Sise have created a manual which is an excellent introduction for those new to energy psychology, and a helpful guide to those who would like to expand their practice. It introduces fourteen-point "Touch and Breathe" protocol which is very similar to the basic EFT approach, and also covers corrections for reversals, neurologic disorganization, changing "blocking beliefs" and harmful core beliefs. The Energy of Belief is also rich with personal stories of those who have benefited from Touch and Breathe energy psychology in reducing fears, improving their relationships, healing past trauma and improving their outlook on the future.”

—Victoria Anisman-Reiner, October 2008

"I found this book to be incredibly interesting. I felt like the authors were speaking directly to me and that they understood my needs. The Energy of Belief gave me a greater understanding of how my negative beliefs are holding me back. It taught me how to release the energy blockages that keep me stuck in certain patterns. I also appreciated learning that there is a scientific research to back this up. All individuals on the path of self-healing will benefit from The Energy of Belief. I also highly, highly recommend this book to professionals in the field of mental health, medical health, and alternative therapies.”

—Paige Lovitt, MA
Midwest Book Review, January 2008

"A well-written and easy-to-follow book that shows readers how to use the Touch and Breathe (TAB) method to deal with unwanted beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Each step is well illustrated with clear photos, and the directions and photos are repeated in each step. Scales of disruption and elations are provided throughout to help the user determine his degree of acceptance in letting go of his negative thoughts and behaviors. The authors give real-life cases of patients who have used this method to better their lives by ridding themselves of unwanted beliefs and actions.” (Click here for full text of review)

February 2008

"In The Energy of Belief Sheila Bender and Mary Sise offer their own unique approach to energy psychology. Here they provide in-depth coverage on how to apply efficient EP techniques and protocols for uncovering and resolving limiting beliefs and distressing emotional states. "The Energy of Belief" teaches how to use TAB (Touch and Breathe), a gentle yet powerful mind-body technique that involves thinking about a psychological issue while touching key locations on your body and taking a deep breath. Similar to tapping (although the authors prefer TAB for various clinical and theoretical reasons), this technique helps to neutralize the distress created through various types of limiting thoughts and beliefs. The chief focus, as the title indicates, is on beliefs. And the authors cover beliefs in considerable detail. The protocols covered are simplified with useful diagrams and illustrations so that anyone can apply them effectively. This book will be of value for both self-help and to professional therapists. I highly recommend it!”

—Fred Gallo, PhD
Author, Energy Tapping for Trauma

"The Energy of Belief is that rare combination of profoundly important ideas imbedded in a clear step-by-step self-help modality. Sheila Sidney Bender and Mary T. Sise have combined their considerable expertise as psychotherapists and pioneers in the emerging field of energy psychology to create this gem of a book. They have provided well reasoned theoretical explanations with extremely effective strategies for helping readers to examine and change their self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. Using the innovative Touch and Breathe (TAB) technique originated by the BDB Group, Bender and Sise gently guide readers through a personal journey of discovery and healing as they explain exciting new strategies for dealing with difficult personal issues. Of particular importance is their teaching how to access the mind/body/energy connection using self muscle testing. This, combined with a basic understanding of the acupuncture meridian system and some basic tenets of clinical psychology, has the potential to empower the reader in ways that have not been made available to the general public in such a lucid and concise format. The well conceived illustrations are invaluable in helping readers achieve the goals of gently and mindfully addressing painful areas of their lives. I highly recommend this wonderful new book to both the clinical and general public.”

—Victorial Britt, LCSW

"This is the book I have been waiting for — a well written, comprehensive, yet simple, guide to a profound energy psychology technique — Touch And Breathe (TAB). It is the first book I now recommend to those patients who understand how vital it is to take true ownership of their healing. In the early chapters, Sheila Sidney Bender and Mary Sise impart to the reader their deep knowledge of the essential components of TAB:"the meridian gateway,mindfulness,touch, breath,intention and intuition." From then on, they give clear and practical advice on how best to apply this profound healing approach to a wide variety of common debilitating conditions whose roots so often lie within conditioned, false negative beliefs. Reading this book, and applying its heart-felt advice to our lives, is a truly rewarding experience. I am honored that it has been published as a companion to my own book The Human Antenna.”

—Robin Kelly, MD
Author, The Human Antenna

"The Energy of Belief is an eye-opening and informative read for both professionals and non-professions alike on a powerful energy psychology treatment. Psychologist, Sheila Bender, and Social Worker, Mary Sise, have written an easy to "read, learn and do" book that brings the gentle, energetic power of the Touch-and-Breathe (TAB) treatment approach literally to your finger tips.

The Energy of Belief provides an easy to understand scientific foundation of energy, intention, vibrational frequencies, and fields relative to Eastern and Western medical views as they relate to the concept of mind and mind-body-energy interactions. Thought and beliefs are described as detectible energetic elements that impact our emotional and physical being, which can unknowingly disrupt and block healing treatments despite our best intentions. The authors discuss the relative importance of body polarity, how to assess and correct polarity when needed, and its essential value as a guide in successful treatment.

Bender and Sise provide numerous illustrations, charts, learning exercises, and photos as they outline step-by-step procedures for generic (algorithm) and individualized use of TAB to treat the most common to the most elusive and self-sabotaging issues that challenge our lives. Whether you desire to recover from traumatic experiences or self-defeating habits, this book offers a powerful avenue to address all contributing beliefs that may have served to block your previous efforts to change and heal and offer the best opportunity for success.

If you are new to the area of "Energy Psychology" and meridian-assisted treatments, or have training and experience in TFT and EFT, you will find this book to be a valuable resource and reference regarding content, clarity, and ease of application. Of considerable importance is the protocol for treating positive emotions and beliefs that hook a person into repetitive and self-sabotaging behaviors in order to feel better.

As the originator of the Touch-and-Breathe (TAB) treatment and lead author of Evolving Thought Field Therapy from which this book is derived, I found The Energy of Belief to be a "must have" in understanding and applying energy psychology treatments.”

—John Diepold, PhD

"This is an excellent book that delivers on the promise in its title, presenting clearly and convincingly the tools and methods that can identify and transform beliefs that block one’s progress and satisfaction in life. Sheila Bender and Mary Sise have a very readable style that engages the reader’s interest as it explains biological energy fields, blocking beliefs and how to deal with them. Helpful nuggets that stand out include:

· Energy field perturbations (well known in the numerous therapy traditions as signs of problems), as well as elaters and harmonizers (positive aspects of energy fields);

· Energy field reversals (again, well known in the Energy Psychology) and energetic belief reversals that can block progress;

· Self-testing for energetic belief blocks.

The scripts and diagrams for using the Touch and Breathe method, supplemented with richly illustrated case examples provide a clear understanding of how to apply these methods. This book is warmly recommended to those who are seeking methods for self-healing.”

—Daniel J. Benor, MD
Author, 7 Minutes to Natural Pain Release

"Change is hard. Beliefs, thoughts and behaviors often continue as if they have a life of their own, and trying and talking—despite the best intentions—often don't seem to help. Many people spend years in psychotherapy without making a dent in their issues, but now a growing body of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and social workers are discovering that there are remarkable new techniques that, by correcting the flow of electromagnetic energy in the body with simple touching and breathing exercises, actually resolve longstanding psychological issues. The authors of The Energy of Belief, Sheila Sidney Bender, a psychologist, and Mary T. Sise, a clinical social worker, wanted to help their patients take back control of their lives from unwanted beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. They call their breakthrough method energy-TAB, or "touch and breathe." In this self-help book, Bender and Sise describe their method and lay out a series of simple exercises that allow people in distress to quickly feel major physical and psychological shifts. Their book is packed with real-life examples of clients who were not helped by other forms of therapy, but who used energy-TAB to free themselves of fears, addictions, and runaway emotions. Additionally, the book includes solid science, a step-by-step method for replacing any negative belief with a positive one, simple strategies for performance enhancement, dozens of illustrations, real-life case histories, and easy-to-follow instructions for using this exciting new method.”

—New Consciousness Review
June, 2009

"Bender and Sise combine the physiology and psychology of healing using simple, helpful techniques. These techniques will help the novice who is just stepping into bio energetics, as well as practitioners of EFT, TFT, acupuncture, massage and light work. If compulsive thoughts consume you, this is a good book to start with. We sometimes don’t realize what a “funk” we are in until we look from outside in. This book uses an energy method called “TAB.” Touch and breathe—it is that simple. The chapters introduce how thoughts get trapped in our mind field. It acquaints you with how TAB helps. The authors do a great job of giving you step by step instructions with photos as a guide to help rid yourself of negativity and compulsions that are holding you back. I enjoyed that they discussed the impact of core beliefs and how you can have healthier beliefs. It is possible to create the life you want. Energy follows thought! This book bridges the gap between the ambiguity of energy work and science. It allows you to create positive intentions by releasing those thoughts that hold you back.”

—Kathleen Albertson, August 2010